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Someone recently asked where the cameras are located in relation to the desk.

This image shows the left and right camera locations:


They are just to the side of the audience but they're rarely seen on air as any wide shots frame them out.

They're about the same distance as the last TLS set

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On yesterday’s Loose Women, special guest Jonathan Ross was telling Janet Street-Porter that he’s starting to record his new series in exactly the same studio that the Loose Women are in.

I always had the impression that Jonathan Ross’ set was vast, with a large studio audience. The Loose set in comparison is small.

Do they remove barriers and merge spaces for Ross’ show?
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Jonathan Ross should know the difference between TC1 and TC2...

And if he is still unsure, its about 4,000 square feet extra in usable floor space and around 500 more seats in audience capacity.

He should have said 'recording his show in the same studio complex as Loose Women'
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Whataday10,034 posts since 13 Sep 2001
HTV Wales Wales Today
He didn't say he's starting to record his series in the "exact same studio". It was a conversation about visiting Janet's dressing room "because I do my show in the same studio". It was just putting into context why he's in a position to visit her dressing room.