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I know they've been debunked thanks to the Jeremy Kyle show (well, and the ample previous research) but really do think a lie detector chair would be most appropriate for these shows at the moment.
It's great that everybody gets sarcasm.
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Better chair this week.

You cannot be serious.


Kwasi Kwarteng looked like he was making polite conversation to the doctor’s receptionist.

I couldn't help but keep noticing what seemed to be Kwarteng's rather huge feet!

As for the substance, well he was very unconvincing.

Farage would have made for a better show with a full half hour grilling, rather than a few minutes and cut short at the end outside his Brexit Party event. That seemed like a last minute interview set up to me.

The timing of this show seems wrong to me. 7pm on a Wednesday just seems a bit no man's land. Andrew keeps tweeting about how he is rating against Channel 4 News, but surely this show is not meant to be an equivalence to that?

Why can't interviews with Andrew Neil on this show be conducted like they used to be with Brian Walden on Weekend World? No silly desks, just two people directly face to face on their swivel chairs. That was the epitome of serious minded hardball political interviewing.....and let's start getting far better signature music for these programmes like the Walden show used to have. The kind of music that meant business unlike so much of the blandly generic BBC programme signature music nowadays.

Recently downloaded "Arthur" by Rick Wakeman onto my iPod. Bring that track back for the General Election coverage please!
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He doesn't tend to do this kind of longer form interview where he will be asked difficult questions and have his answers explored rather than being able to provide soundbytes.

Like literally every other politician nowadays then, who run away from serious forensic scrutiny in a decent set piece interview. One of the worst being Jeremy Corbyn for evasion of this kind.