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Wasn't the 1989 ITV campaign a thinly veiled appeal to the ITC before the franchise changes?

Something about the status quo working really well, ITV being more than the sum of its parts etc? #irony

Was it now? Ah, you learn something new every day...


Hoping the digital billboards will turn into a sliding sequence a la ITV's. I could see Raab and Patel in period drama costume, Boris throwing something...

I'm hoping the EU have a 'Welcome, welcome, welcome home to...' slogan ready if Britain ever gets readmitted. Razz
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All indicators seem to point that an early election will be announced either tonight or tomorrow. I'd presume that the broadcasters had been planning as it was always touted as we led up to and after 31st Oct.

Again - politics - but he can't do it just by himself. Since the rules have changed he needs Labour to VoNC him or 2/3 of Parliament to vote for it if he brings it up himself. It is likely that they will ask for concessions before allowing a election to happen. Otherwise they could sit on their hands and not give him what he wants.

So I expect that broadcasters will be running around as we speak trying to get access to as many MP's as possible to find out what's happening, what they want, if they'll vote for it, etc. Maybe we will get some schedule changes.
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We all know on here he can't do it by himself but we aren't going to start every post with paragraphs of what he has to do to get one. If he wants one we know labour will vote for one and he'll get the majority in parliament for it, so-again-no need to go through that for every post.

I wish to not clog up the thread with debate over this, so my response is over here at Metropol.
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Would coferences if Held have their coverage affected by election coverage rules. Usually there only brief Tory and Labour response to each other conferences but if held during an election time wouldn’t that be more difficult.
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Also I don’t think he will announce it today as it’s clear that he wants to lose a commons vote first as part of the election strategy.