TVS Soundtrack vol 2

Does anyone have it and are willing to share? (August 2019)

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Keith Musselwhite

I don't think this post breaks any rules but if it does then I apologise and will delete immediately.

I've discovered lurking misplaced on a hard drive a zip file called TVS Soundtrack vol 1 (no idea where I downloaded it from, could even have been here) and was wondering if anyone had vol 2 they would be willing to share with me.

Thanks for reading.
I think it comes from the person who runs the Television Music and Carlton media twitter feeds. I may have it, but long ago filed the tracks differently. Any idea what tracks it had?
Keith Musselwhite
Thanks for the information.

I'm presuming that Vol 2 must have idents, stings etc from 87 onward.

Volume 1 just touches the 87 revamp but not fully.

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