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How long did the 'shalalalalaaaaa' theme last?

I believe four and half years.

Aah, it was actually three years.

The 'Shalalalalaaaaa' theme was brought in September 2014 when the show was revamped under then-editor Martin Frizell - but it was only after the 18th Anniversary in 2017 when they reintroduced the 2011-2014 theme the following week.

Going back to the episode itself, it generally felt more of a celebration of the show then the 18th Birthday. It's going to be interesting to see what else they have planned to celebrate the big 2-0 when the show returns live next week...
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Unusual to see Andrea sitting in the 4th seat.

Agree about the garish set, but indeed, that was the style of that era. It was probably considered quite “cutting edge” at the time.

So, I learned today from Kaye’s comment that Loose used to be filmed in Manchester. I always thought it was only Norwich and then London.
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I absolutely loved the Live Talk set. It felt homely. I’m so glad that I got the see most of those sets growing up in the 2000s. In the 2010s, sets became very clinical.

It was the nice mix of the toned down colours, the wood, the split areas and the soft area that seemed to work, very much a redecoration got the Loose Women set, as seen here:

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Both sets contained lots of detail too, for example in the live talk version a sky line background with window frames in front and patio style pot plants in between, though I imagine that would have been a standing set rather than the current approach of having to share with Lorraine (and other productions).

Did the first series of Loose Women come from Studio 3 at TLS?
Whether it was to make a bigger desk or to leave part of Lorraine’s set up behind, the later incarnations over the past 10 years or so at TLS seemed to use a lot less space, especially when you see that the original set had a smaller table area and a sofa area.