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3. They will use separate commentary teams for TV & Radio but people will people hired to work for the BBC will work across TV & Radio dispelling myths they would use TMS on the TV
That makes sense. Stuff that would be obvious from looking at it, or which would be on the on screen graphics, doesn't need mentioning on the TV commentary. Of course, radio needs to mention everything.
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Everyone who registered for Sky Sports Box Office before 5 August 2019 will need to re-register, according to an email I received from Sky today.

We've made some exciting updates to the Sky Sports Box Office website and apps. This means that everyone will need to re-register to carry on using the service.
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I would have thought with WTA Tennis moving up the Amazon from the end of the year, and there's a few times where games are played during Saturday and Sunday evenings, that now leave a hole in the schedule.
La Liga could help BT Sport fill that gap, I would have thought..
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Interesting report that Bundesliga are developing their own OTT system for diverse markets where selling rights to a DTA offering is met with rejection. This should be ready for 2020-1 and will be used as a lever to avoid the situation La Liga is in now. How many markets this involves will be critical. We’ll see.

EDIT - Now with added tweet.

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If your looking for some Free to Air European Football, Northern Ireland side Linfield's UEFA Europa League Play Off against FK Qarabag at Windsor Park will be streamed live on the BBC Sport NI website tonight. Surprised they didn't put it on BBC Two as they now cover 13 local games live on TV per season although it seems to be going the way of streaming matches online as they did cover 16 matches from the Super Cup NI youth football tournament online at the end of July as well as streaming NI women's Home International matches as well as the NI Under 21s and the County Antrim Shield.