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I've been looking on YouTube to see if BBC Network, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland did anything special or give any mention to the idents before they get rebranded and I only saw:

Rhythm and Movement: Network & NI

1991-2001 (2001): Network & Scotland
Personalitiy: Network & NI
1991-2001 (2018): Network & NI

Did any of the other networks (that are not on the list for the respective idents did do anything before each of the channels rebranded?

I didn't add BBC One Circles (due to them having Christmas package at the time) and BBC Two Window on the World (due to them having 90s presentation at time to celebrate BBC Two's 50th birthday) idents here. I also didn't add the balloon idents due to TV Room having descriptions on what all regions did to the balloon before the channel rebranded to the Rhythm and Movement idents.
Caly123249 posts since 26 Sep 2015
HTV Wales Wales Today
You goy my hopes up we were having a rebrand from Oneness!

I think BBC1 Wales did a brief Balloon tribute. Never seen it, but I think I read somewhere they showed the clock, and an extended playout of one of the Snowdonia idents.

They did. All the description on what all regions did to the balloon before Rhythm and Movement ident are on the TV Room website. Here is the link: https://thetvroom.com/ark/bbc-uk/bbc-1-1997-10-id-010.html
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I wonder if anyone still has a recording of BBC1 NI’s special tribute to the Balloon idents on their final day.
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In addition to the balloon tribute, one of the BBC Wales announcers (I think it was Al Dupres) openly “criticised” the Oneness idents when they first launched. I think his words over the first ident were something like (or strongly implied) “No, I don’t know what they were thinking either. I rather liked the balloons myself”.
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