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DVB Cornwall8,907 posts since 4 Dec 2003
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Interesting observation on the Gambling and live events situation. Watching an event on Eurosport, joining live coverage was delayed which so happened to be post 2100.
The result of this obviously allowed in programme adverts for Bookmakers and the like. If the programme had started before 2100 it would have been subject to the rules prohibiting such.
I wonder whether some programmes might be delayed by a couple of mins to avoid this watershed issue. If the Tour of Utah coverage started at the point the feed was available, then Gambling ads would have been prohibited until 2250,
DVB Cornwall8,907 posts since 4 Dec 2003
Westcountry Spotlight
Interesting, seems that ITV only have broadcast live La Liga rights, so the content isn't available live on computers, tablets or mobiles, if I read the comments on Twitter correctly. Once the broadcast goes into catchup this restriction is removed.
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I think deliberate. In the odd times I've watched it, there has been an 'ambient' noise present, and when a goal comes up on the vidiprinter, there is usualy a 'roar' of the crowd briefly heard as well.

It think BT Sport do the same thing on Goal, but only where one is scored in the Premier League.
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I presume they aren’t new, but those were nice graphics France Televisions used for France v Scotland last night - very clean and simple.