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'Quest Red' is such an odd name anyway.

That was originally a code name for the new 'female Quest' but they settled on it.

Quest Red shouldn't exist IMO

Either merge it with TLC or Really.

Definitely not TLC, as TLC is a pay channel wrapped up in contracts with Sky and other providers.
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Why didnt/don't Fox/Disney put more investment into Your TV other than the constant loop of Bones, Castle and The Mentalist? There surely is enough of a back catalogue from Nat Geo/Nat Geo Wild that could be shown on the channel? Discovery have Quest/Quest Red/DMAX showing programs from the Discovery Networks while A&E have Blaze showing programs from A&E networks. Blaze/Quest/Quest Red are also all commissioning original shows.
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Freeview offering a great selection of channels not to watch nowadays.

As discussed in other threads, it probably won't be long until there's no music channels left on freeview, something it is crying out for, and not yet more general entertainment channels.

It won't be long before 4Music is a purely entertainment channel, and Spotlight will probably follow suit, following the rebrand from Keep it Country to reflect the increasing level of entertainment programming.
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Well Spotlight has gone apart from via the online channels. Was a rumour of another country music channel launching on Freeview. Are Now 80s and Now 90s still available on the HD muxes.

Beyond that still really frustrating that Freeview just hasn't addressed the potential loss of the extra HD muxes and worked towards a full conversion to T2 broadcasting.
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