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ITV have cleared their afternoon schedule commencing with the Lunchtime News at 1.30, followed by a three hour news special until 5.00pm on Wednesday.

Sounds like BBC and ITV have been sent timings and expect that Boris will have finished his speech and entered N.10 by 5pm
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BBC One have cleared their afternoon schedule for tomorrow, running from the One O'Clock News, the special coverage starts at 1.45pm and is scheduled to end at 5.15pm on Wednesday.

BBC News Special presented by Huw Edwards in Downing Street and Sophie Raworth at Buckingham Palace.
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Coverage of the transition of power should take priority over scheduled programming every day of the week...

Agreed. I assume ITV News aren't permitted time in their dreary schedule

You assume wrong.

ITV have a news special tomorrow from 2pm to 5pm

This means Tipping Point has been AXED!

I was referring to today’s announcement.
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UTV Newsline
RTÉ did not have the Tory Leadership contest as their top story today. They were covering the homecoming of Shane Lowry from Clara in County Offaly on the 6.1 News, an RTÉ News Now special & 9 O'Clock News. RTÉ did put out two reports & two correspondents for live OB's on Boris Johnson's election as Conservative Leader today. One from London which was Sean Whelan & one from Leinster House in Dublin which was Mícheál Lehane.