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The Reithed countdown looks great, but the music from 0:30 to 0:20ish sounds like a slowed-down recording of an ambulance! Awful to listen to -- almost reminds me of the "torture" music they used on Sheffield Live!

I think the 2008 countdown was much better than this. Not in terms of visuals, but in terms of music
If I remember correctly they axed off the 2008 countdown in May
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There’s some very nice presentation touches but the lower thirds occupy too much off the screen, the line animation which the nine uses very well is non existent here, the headlines has a bizarre line height issue that should be on one line with the characters need to be closer together, one positive is the programme straps which disappeared on bbc news for its own shows have now reappeared, the ticker is ok but for me the issue is that serif font has its really bad on the headlines.
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I'm definitely a fan. Love the big serif headlines. Flipper beats a ticker any day. And nice to see the live bug animate on and off - a great way to mask the fact it used to hang around for a few frames after cutting back to the studio (was up there with the old days of BBC One ECPs having that 'jump' as a annoying bugbear!)

Even after all these years, that newsroom background still doesn't fail to impress me too.

16:9 graphics would have been the icing on the cake but I get why it would be too much hassle, particularly when joint broadcasting with World
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If the flipper means they have to actually think about what they type to fit on there rather than just lazily typing out long sentences for the ticker then that's a vast improvement.

Hopefully overnights it won't just be headlines from the BBC website anymore.
Watch it and find out.
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