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Fair play for the tweets, glad they realised it wasn’t good. Shame we’ll never get to know why it happened like that!

Clare Balding with something an apology on BBC Four.

Clare did then do a proper apology a few minutes later, at the very end.

(Bonus points for the trail explosion unintentionally happening in sync with the final note of the theme! Very Happy )
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I wonder if there was a problem at Wimbledon and we were supposed to hear Clare Balding with a "Welcome to viewers on BBC Four, if you are watching on BBC Two switch over now." type announcement given there was a short overlap.

Apparently, yes that was what was supposed to happen, but for whatever reason it didn't.
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In the back of my mind I've a feeling they've done this before where they've interrupted a programme in the middle to move Wimbledon, perhaps from BBC1 to BBC2, but with an announcement at least.

On Day 4 of Wimbledon 2017 BBC Two started airing an episode of QI only for it to be hastily faded out minutes later to go to Today at Wimbledon.
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