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bluecortina917 posts since 26 Jul 2012
Odd-looking CSO background appeared on Wednesday's late Reporting Scotland:



That’s from Wimbledon’s virtual studio. It’s setup I believe as a turn key interview space for broadcasters, just add logo.


Yes, I saw it the other day. I think the illusion is spoiled by the somewhat "cartoonish' nature of the background and the poor foreground keying, which to my eye makes the interviewee look like a cardboard cut out.
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STV Central Reporting Scotland
Yes, it was only a brief clip but enough for me to think "wtf?". The balcony doors left open, but no movement outside or in the background, flowers and fruit are distractions, and a weird white haze on the bottom left. Didn't look great on-screen.

Also, not a single strawberry in sight...
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HTV Wales Wales Today
A British pair in the mixed doubles in the QFs versus the French Open Champions and seemingly snubbed by both Wimbledon (they're playing in a half empty Court 2) and the BBC, who haven't even mentioned them as an after thought to the Murray/Serena coverage and they are showing another mixed doubles game on both BBC2 and the red button (I suspect BBC2 will take the mens doubles game that was on BBC1 at the end of this set).
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Well they did go to it, once the match they were showing reached the end of the set.

Been frustrating to sometimes miss the starts of matches on the red button because they've been slow getting to them and they've not been indicating on the main channels often enough what else is available.
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HTV Wales Wales Today
Nadal v Federer not worthy of moving the BBC News at Six to BBC2 I see! I think it comes down to the fact they are not British, although they are two of three GOAT’s. Can guarantee if it was Murray v either of them, that’d have BBC1 priority
DVB Cornwall9,359 posts since 4 Dec 2003
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No, the clear mover, or actually non mover is Andrew Neil’s interviews. They’d never be moved in the current febrile state of politics. It’s reasonably certain that Fedal will still be going at 7pm. BBC Two for the tennis was a 99pct certainty all along,