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BBC's Click has recently celebrated its 1000th episode with an interactive "choose-your-own path" episode. It delves in to the topic of discovering what "television" might be like in the years to come. Do we think broadcasters will be creating more content like this in the future, or is it a waste of time?
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Interactive episodes are fun until the novelty wears off, which is what I found with Bandersnatch. Because there's no allotted timeframe, you could easily get lost in the narrative. If I'm coming home from work, the last thing I want is to drain even more energy into choose every arc in a programme.

Even in a world of On Demand.
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Bandersnatch was a novelty but I doubt it's anyone's favourite episode of Blackmirror. Interactive TV will die out just like 3D did.
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It's only a matter of time before we see a phone vote for the news where we vote on what story we want to see.

It happens every day already. Maybe not in form of a phone call, but over phone lines and mobile data connections as we use social media and news apps to choose which stories we read.
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