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There was an old website devoted to that brilliant BBC Choice series The RDA where mentioned that for a week they began to monitor the exact time Huw left the building after reading the news. And then he happily came on the show to chat about it, and was very funny.

here you go - even including video clips:
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Thank you, although this was actually another website completely devoted to The RDA, with an episode guide and everything. I always remember one of the highlights it featured was "Paul Foot appeared to introduce a report he'd made at a holiday camp, only to find it hadn't been edited yet. When he came back a week later to finally show it, the report was truly awful."

They also mentioned another of the RDA's features, A Month Of Matthew Amroliwala. Which speaks for itself, really.
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Yes! And here's the Huw surveillance - http://web.archive.org/web/20070828010848/http://www.reallywannaknow.co.uk/rda/huw_edwards.html

Some great stuff on the highlights page - http://web.archive.org/web/20070828010946/http://www.reallywannaknow.co.uk/rda/series1.shtml
"One show was presented from the studio of East Midlands Today in Nottingham with co-presenter Nick Thatcher. They worked out how much of a waste of money it had been to go and present the show from there."

"The RDA were keen to remind the viewers how much the OB link to Glasgow had cost, and by way of demonstration, some of the crew made a wedding cake to compare the cost of the autocue operators' wedding with that of a typical TV budget. The item did not really work as expected however because the wedding turned out to be much more expensive."
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"Vote 2001 - To mark the general election, the opening of each night's show during the campaign began with a roundup of the day's events. In addition the show commissioned a Vote 2001 ident in the same style as used on other BBC networks, but with a huge explosion added at the end."

I feel like I would have enjoyed this show.


it appears a couple of epsiodes are on YouTube, complete with a Blue Nun gag:
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Plus visual gag of switching the letters of the titles around on the behind the shoulder monitor, the bottom left DOG.

Sally Gray. Hats off for 'getting' the humour of the RDA from the off.
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