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Flicked over to That's Scotland News at random a couple of weeks ago. Found the presenter stumbling over her words, then saying "Nah, I've messed that up, let's go again" and taking a swig of water from a water bottle. They also finish the news by saying "Remember, it's your show so tell us what you want to see! Email or tweet us and let us know."

It's all so embarrassing.
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I did see a clip somewhere, I think on the MHP Private Parts, where an overnight showing of Hardtalk opened with a fluffed take of the intro as well. From what I remember, the caption saying Norman Lamont (who I guess was the interviewee on that edition) popped up, Stephen stopped talking, said "oh, what happened" and it cut to a TC7 test card.

I'm guessing on that show it's basically recorded as live, and they started playing the recording back too early?

Edit, found it on YouTube:
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