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Not Coleen and Paddy again(!)

They hosted on the Summer 8 years ago and they weren’t the best combo then.... moreso on Coleen’s side who couldn’t really gel with Paddy.

Thoigh having Amanda back is more shocking... just goes to show that despite all her whinging she’s still up for hosting the show so it can’t have upset her that much....
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UTV Newsline
Coleen Nolan and Paddy McGuinness next Friday. And John Barrowman and Amanda Holden the following Friday.

Is there any truth to this, I think maybe he is joking? I haven't heard about this anywhere else and I would imagine the tabloid going nuts if they found out Amanda was hosting after all the drama.
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After all these years, you STILL don’t know me...........?


Ask Fearne Britain about me. She’ll give you the full lowdown. The scores on the doors. The word on the street.

By the way, I think Coleen Nolan has come a long way “anchor” wise in the last few years. I think she’d do all right on TM once a week for a month.

Wouldn’t be any worse than the multitude of other singers who’ve swung into Fridays on This Morning. Twiggy. Rochelle. Barrowman. Rylan. (Admittedly, Rylan is a class above.......)

Edit: I’ve just realized that Twiggy isn’t a singer.
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