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“Lorraine Kelly endorses Esther McVey as candidate for Number 10”.........

.........said no-one ever.

She must have been pretty bad back then, if someone who was higher up the food chain took a dislike to her. Unless it’s just her politics she disagrees with.

She’s always struck me as quite a cold character.

I found the Loose Women interview interesting as it looked like she gesturing to an entourage in the audience at one stage.

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Because the tweet won't load...

"Esther McVey tells me she and Lorraine Kelly used to share a dressing room and Lorraine used to be on TV with Eamon Holmes... until Esther was promoted!"

Total BS on McVey's part, as she was Fiona Phillips' very brief maternity cover and nothing more.
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She said it at her campaign launch. Although I have a feeling McVey was on GMTV as Fiona’s mat cover and disappeared soon after. At this point Lorraine would have already had her own successful show for a couple of years.
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