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Currently listening to it, enjoying it so far!

(not just because my question was answered Razz )
Fan of the media industry, from the UK.
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Thanks for the comments, I'm very pleased with how this episode came out. There wasn't much editing to do, and James was a delight to interview. He's a really nice guy.

The plan is to get 3 more podcasts done by the end of the year (the current rate of 1 episode every 2 months seems to be working well), and I've got a couple of people I'd really love to talk to. It's just a case of contacting them and seeing if they're available.
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Before the chat with Greg Scott, I'm very pleased to say that Mike Bushell will be chatting with me next week. This will be the first podcast I've recorded where I'm face-to-face with the person I'm chatting with, so it could be fun!

Another one associated with Breakfast? Cool look forward to it!
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My next guest on the podcast will be a TV Forum legend... GREGGLES!

Yep, Greg Scott will be chatting with me about his television career. It'll be recorded in July.

How will TV Presentation be covered in this interview? I will be interested in how they came up with all the different sound effects and music in Quiz Mania.
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Just a small thought: I really like the episodes so far, and the James Mobbs episode in particular I found fascinating. All credit to you, it's a good product, so I hope you don't mind me suggesting the following. It's worth seeing which female guests you can get on a future edition, just to balance it out. It's very easy to not think of such things, especially when you're looking to feature those you admire rather than viewing by demographic. I'm sure it's something you've probably thought of, in fact but – just in case.
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