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They had said Spring initially!

Sure they hoped for it. June I think Breakfast is moving to Reith. And Impact, Victoria Derbyshire, and then Global, Business Live, World Business Report - all happened in the Spring.

Victoria Derbyshire is already in Reith.

As Mr Anderson said in the very post you quoted.
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What time today is it supposed to be launching then? Or has there been a crisis?

I don't think any insiders actually confirmed it is/was happening today, more a lot of speculation based on it being the start of the month and the Reith appearing during Breakfast last week. Whilst Reith appearing today would normally make sense being the start of the month I imagine there is the small matter of Trump visiting the UK which is taking priority.

Looking at Chris Cook's twitter account the past few days there's been no hints of a date with regards to Reith, though I did spot...

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