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Meanwhile in New York, one of its longest running and most well known radio stations WPLJ closed last night. It's new owners turning it into a contemporary Christian station last night at 7.

Here's the (telescoped) last hour: https://audioboom.com/posts/7277193-wplj-final-hour-2019

Here is a YouTube video with the final moments of WPLJ as a commercial run station as well as the first seconds of the new format as "K-Love" which is syndicated out of California.

The station also received an on-air tribute from TM Studios, who made jingles for them

And the first on-air segment from K-Love acknowledging the new stations, including WPLJ
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When you said YouTube video, I thought you meant a video!

I assume someone there would have filmed it or at least taken some photos, but I've not seen any yet

There were photos taken on the final day, some were uploaded on Twitter, however, some would vanish as did the official Twitter account @955PLJ. But there are some still up

Such as Madison Square Garden thanking WPLJ

The on-air talent of the now-defunct "Todd and Jayde Morning Show" received the soundboard buttons that featured their names on them as going away presents

Here is video of the sign-offs

And there was a farewell party held on May 22nd. Here is a portion of it, featuring DJ Scott Shannon, which had helped put both WPLJ as well as the crosstown rival WHTZ Z100 become household names in New York City Radio

Shannon, now at rival WCBS-FM, along with former WPLJ talent now at CBS-FM recall some of their favorite PLJ memories.
And speaking of former PLJ talent, PLJ held a Reunion day on May 30th, where surviving past PLJ crew members returned to say goodbye.

Formerly knows as "asnycBBC"
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Sadly PLJ was 17th in the world's most competitive radio market and CBS2 reported that they had losses of over $70m since 2012, so it's no real surprise when a Christian radio group who relies on donations can come in and buy these big heritage stations while providing no local output.

The rot really started programming wise when Scott Shannon left in 2014 who was propping up the station's audience share. It plummeted when Shannon took listeners to CBS-FM and the station's target audience are listening to Lite FM, New York's no 1 station.
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Shame. Always prefered that to the over produced Z100 when I could listen online without fooling the servers via a VPN.

I'm pretty sure WPLJ was the model that Heart 106.2 in London was originally based on, rather than the 100.7 variant at the other end of the M40.

Presumably 77WABC is now the only radio station broadcasting out of 2 Penn Plaza now.
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I'm pretty sure WPLJ was the model that Heart 106.2 in London was originally based on, rather than the 100.7 variant at the other end of the M40.

They carried WPLJ live for a while during their test transmissions. That's how I know of the station, it was great, and a novelty back then, being able to listen to a totally different style of radio from another part of the world.

They added London weather and other references to Heart, in fact Scott and Todd got into a bit of a slanging match with Caesar The Geezer who was then on Talk Radio UK.
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Anyone know why radio stations in the US weren’t allowed to simulcast on AM and FM? WPLJ was originally a simulcast of the famous AM top 40 station WABC. It had to close and switch to a talk format in the early ‘80s due to people moving to FM for music. Seems strange from our view that they couldn’t just move to FM.