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Finally a slight change at least to the Christmas Day line up with the announcement today Gavin and Stacey will return for a one-off Christmas special this year - just the sort of centre-piece comedy BBC One has been missing for the last few years.


Sadly it does mean they'll be no space for that Warren Christmas Special this year, although I wouldn't mind a Christmas Time with Alan Partridge special somewhere in the week - indeed don't think that has mileage for a second series but a spoof of such shows embracing Christmas would be welcome.
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I wonder whether Doctor Who will return to its Christmas Day slot or if it is most likely to be New Years Day again.

I think Doctor Who’s time as a Christmas Day staple has passed.

Which left them with nothing for the kids last year though appart from the films which 99% of them would have already seen anyway.
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HTV Wales Wales Today
Will it mean that EastEnders will finally vacate the converted 9pm slot on Christmas Day, or will it stay and Mrs Brown will instead move

I think they'll squeeze it in between them both at 9.30pm, with Strictly and Call the Midwife from 6pm with Michael McIntyre sacrificed, although they have had Strictly as early as 5pm before.
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Who reckons we’ll see Gavin & Stacey themed Christmas idents this year?

Nessa in a grotto. Shipman’s Christmas dinner scene. Christmas tree at Barry Island.

Indeed the latter is very similar to last years ident! So it’s very possible!
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Only very recently did Ruth Jones play down the likelihood of any new episodes during an interview, so they really were keeping tight lipped until today. Although I'm curious to know what lifted the embargo if they weren't allowed to talk about it.

Indeed, she was asked about it yesterday on Radio 2 and said it was unlikely to return due to James living in LA but mentioned she had been with him the previous night.

I think ratings will be huge for this. It is so well liked.
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