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In France itself, the coverage is split between France 2 in prime-time and France 3 to end the night. BFMTV have already started their continuous coverage since 2pm UK time.

In Francophone Belgium, RTL-TVi, the commercial broadcaster has been providing coverage through the day in addition to PSB RTBF La Une.

Ireland has RTÉ One starting similar to the UK at 9.55pm.
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How is Euronews fairing in their coverage of the European Elections so far?

Seems to be one presenter, one in the cube with two analysts so far. Plus a host in Brussels for analysis with guests and reporters abound. There seem to be a lot of packages with vox pops.

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If people are looking for results from the Ireland South Euro Constituency. Don't look for it when watching RTÉ's coverage tonight because there won't be a first count result until sometime tomorrow morning. Paschal Sheehy reported that there is about 7 and a half metric tons of Euro ballot papers to count & process for the Ireland South Constituency vote. There is a total of 23 candidates on that particular ballot paper. The other two European votes from Dublin & Midlands-North West won't have that problem in Ireland South.

RTÉ's Six-One News is presented by Ray Kennedy & Eileen Whelan with Justin Tracey for the sports news. They are making great use of the big screen in Studio 3 this evening as the couch & the small desk are out of the studio for now. It is on for a full hour this evening like the weekday Six-One.
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Here's a post from five years ago:

Isonstine posted:
Both David Dimbleby and reporters on the programme seem to be taking a swipe at electoral law which prevents them from reporting exit polls already released by other countries and already being widely reported across the internet.

Gosh, if I’d have remembered this ridiculous anachronism that even I highlighted I might have voted leave.

Joke, obvs.

Huw will obviously be slicker tonight but I always did always David’s take on the European Elections and some of the differences you’d have to try and reconcile and decipher.
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Not surprising but a shame ITV aren't doing something tonight, even if it was just a special edition of News at Ten or Peston. Obviously they don't usually do the European Elections but seems ridiculous to go on air with a 20 minute news bulletin then effectively hand the viewers interested in it to the BBC. Doesn't look like they're doing anything online either.
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Is M6 doing anything special?

An extended edition of the 19.45 bulletin, but otherwise normal general entertainment programming.

Despite election programming on France 2, they're crossing over to France 3 so F2 can show a classic Louis de Funes film at 10.35 local time.
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