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UTV Newsline
Shockingly poor coverage from ITV a newsflash lasting around 60 seconds then back to Dickinson's Real Deal. It is a shame that this statement was not around the time GMB was on air they would have provided much better coverage and stayed on air.

I am not surprised at the ITV News coverage anymore. They are not focused on news on ITV anymore, but on pure commercial interests. They want every minute of advertising revenue, and something such as a Prime Minister announcing their resignation isn't important to them anymore in my personal opinion.
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All Twitter is going on about is the stacked guy who put the podium out! 😂

How ironic would it be if his name turned out to be Larry?

Larry the Stack?

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BBC World News
I’m watching GMT right now (the PBS simulcast half hour) that I recorded. Ben Brown was reporting from Downing Street and while he was beginning to talk to Norman Smith a pair of hands appeared and they grabbed Ben’s side and forced him to move over a step. A bit awkward I thought.
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