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Some mentioning Lorraine going on between 9am and 10am, lets not forget that ITV Breakfast licence is 6am to 925am, so it would be virtually impossible unless they get a nod from OFCOM that the licence can change

I'm pretty sure there have been a number of incidences of programmes at the weekend going across the 9:25 cut off. The breakfast license simply ends during the programme and the next ad break is an ITV/STV one.
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I’d leave Real Deal in at 9:25 until Christmas. It has to be the most anti- Kyle show they have, the most wholesome inoffensive non clickbait Show, to enable it all to blow over and to ensure nothing is immediately the ‘replacement’ that has a losing battle.

Then start some new stuff in January, probably about 4 ideas of different types of show running a few weeks each to see if any stick. Could be a quiz or game show, a Kilroy style show, a Wright Stuff style show but nothing that just steals a feature from This Morning.

I definitely wouldn’t move Judge Rinder there, as it would just drag that show into the fall out as well.
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We've discussed programmes straddling across 9:25 ad nauseam, and there's nothing stopping it from happening. In fact its happened before.

The only problem would be if STV decided to run a different programme at 9:25. But I can't really see Scottish Television ditching Lorraine Kelly for their own programming.
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The suggestions of showing ellen on ITV are odd. The structure of US chatshows always translates incredibly messily to UK TV and the ad breaks, esp once you cut out product placement and so on. You can get away with this on daytime ITV2 as a quicky import but not on a flagship channel.
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Don't ITV have the rights to Judge Judy? I'd say this would rate fairly well in one of the slots.

Which was relegated to ITV3 mornings and has recently been removed from the ITV3 schedule anyway.
In any event Judge Judy airs at the moment ad nauseum on CBS Reality, their "weekend stack" of this has spread to all day every day, and occasionally CBS Drama as well as newer episodes on Lifetime.