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I get your point. That to come back to impartial news broadcasting would be harder now that your partial views are known. But I don't think many have taken that route, have they?

A few journalist/newsreaders need a good kick up the back side and made clear its their job to be impartial.

I know we've had the incident with Jayne Secker but I feel these are rare. And I can't get on board with people analysing the facial expressions of presenters just to believe they are biased against my personal political views.

When it comes to social media it's more of a grey area. I think it's generally agreed that TV journalists can express their opinions on their personal accounts as long as they're not seen to be affiliated with a political movement. But I personally prefer not to follow the accounts of individual journalists unless it is someone I know and trust to be impartial.

I was thinking more of two people in the business and one off them get alot of bad looks from many on the forum.
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None of these posts disprove my point.

If Gavin loses he won't be back in his old role as a journalist, No one has listed someone who start off as a journalist, then went into politics and then come back again.

I think you’re actually missing the point to be honest - he retired from news journalism over two years ago and hasn’t reverted to it since.

He’s been writing opinion columns, arts reviews and interviews and been doing a lot of campaigning for a People’s Vote ever since.

I think it is safe to say that Gavin has long since moved on and the chances of him reverting to news journalism are slim if non-existent.
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This sort of thing of journalists becoming politicians happened in Ireland too. George Lee left RTÉ News in the past to become a Fine Gael TD for Dublin South in a by-election 10 years ago after the death of former government minister for Fiánna Fáil; Séamus Brennan. He was previously working as their Economics Editor at RTÉ before he went with Fine Gael for the by-election. He got the highest share of the vote in the by-election & stayed for a TD in Dail Eireann for 9 months. He then went back to RTÉ hosting various radio shows & documentaries for them with doing a stint on Prime Time during the Anglo promissory note deal. He has been back on RTÉ News bulletins for a significant period of time as their Agriculture & Environment Correspondent.
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Esther McVey did some current affairs stuff after CBBC.

Wasn't she a GMTV presenter at one point ? She also replaced Jenny Hull (whatever happened to her ?) as Des Lynham's sidekick on 'How Do They Do That'

Whatever did happen to HTV News anchor Jenny Hull?

According to LinkedIn she’s running a “small property business”

Two minutes regions...
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Esther McVey did some current affairs stuff after CBBC.

Wasn't she a GMTV presenter at one point ? She also replaced Jenny Hull (whatever happened to her ?) as Des Lynham's sidekick on 'How Do They Do That'

I'm not sure whether she worked with Des or not, but she certainly presented it alongside Eamonn Holmes who replaced him.

According to her LinkedIn page which @deejay posted, she worked with both Cool

Edit: Ignore, I'm talking rubbish, you were talking about Esther McVey <facepalm>
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