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Nicholas Owen is a great presenter tbh. I think he is only a relief presenter when there’s a shortage of presenters (ie rota’d presenter is off ill, and none of the backups are available either). You usually see him over holiday periods, last time he presented was during Hallowe’en on Afternoon Live, so he’s certainly not off the airwaves any time soon!
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Soapy swore! 😳

Just to put this in some kind of context, on his report on the Mueller report on the Ten, Jon Sopel said that it contained "strong language", and when they reported one of the Trump quotes. although the words on the screen were censored, Sopel read it out. I wonder if that's the first time it's been deliberately said on BBC News?
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I recall a reporter swore in the Newsnight studio a few weeks ago, quoting someone in the UK parliament. Apart from Soapy using the F word last night, Kirsty Wark wins the award for the most eloquent pronunciation of the F word during a live news broadcast by a news presenter.
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Good to see in my opinion. I think the likes of Huw, Fiona and Sophie should help out occasionally at weekends instead of the usual faces! Am I right in saying the senior newsreaders on ITV, such as Mary, Julie and Alastair do the weekend bulletins on occasion?
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Long day for Simon McCoy today - he did 9-2 on the News Channel this morning (including the lunchtime bulletin on One) and appears to be doing the evening bulletins tonight.

He finished straight after the lunchtime bulletin with Lukwesa starting at 13:20 and there is no reason to think he is doing the evening bulletins. Looks like Ben Bland has done the briefing, Business Live (with Ben Thompson) and Talking business over on world though.
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