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Here in France, TF1 and France 2 still are in Special Edition mode if I'm not mistaken; and, unusual thing, even M6 is going to air a special broadcast at 9:50 pm London Time / 10:50 pm Paris Time.

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Just to go through the BBC News timeline this evening.

First mention was with Clive on the News at Six at 18:20. He wrapped up the bulletin with some live shots from the scene at 18:30.

The news first appeared on the ticker at 18:32 and both World and NC have been in rolling mode ever since.

You're incorrect, as posted on page 1 or 2 of this thread, World were slow to react - not interrupting Focus On Africa until 18.50 BST.
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It's interesting seeing this feed: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/world-europe-47941756/live-coverage-of-notre-dame-fire (brandless, but the same content as the News Channel)

Would be fascinating to know what's pumping that out. Info on the graphics is the same as on the NC but not in Breaking News mode.

Very intriguing indeed - just watched the top of hour at 22:00, the red BBC News logo in a box appeared on the end sting for Outside Source, then stayed on for the duration of the headline sequence of the Ten (though not on BBC One), then faded out on the opening shot of Sophie Raworth. Then the “web” BBC News bar at the bottom wiped in.
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TVF's favourite anchor Wolf Blitzer taking over proceedings over on CNN (being simulcast on CNNI). Cue melodrama galore and numerous 'everybody, stand by' remarks. A very shouty end to a report by Brian Todd to begin.
You can just imagine the TOTH being even more over-the-top than usual by Situation Room standards.