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Say what you want about Geeta's anchoring but at least BBC are rolling with the story. Al Jazeera have only just now mentioned the Notre Dame fire. They've been as bad as CNN have been good.
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Sky is using the worst camera shots possible....

Must not have access to AFP then I’m guessing - the side on picture that the BBC have been using has come from them (confirmed when it went to black and then an AFP stand by caption).

Would expect something from Frances Televisions via Eurovision soon (if there hasn’t been already).
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Horrible news. One of the most famous buildings in the world likely to be beyond restoration at this rate.
The News channels will be busy for days with this (especially if the remainder has to be demolished as I fear it will have to be.

Unlikely the stone walls will need to be demolished, they might not have much inside them but they normally survive fires. Once it's out I doubt it'll get continuous coverage... the s not much more to say

It’s quite an unprecedented event. I guess the newsroom is completely frantic at the moment.

It's not that unprecedented is it? There's been plenty of famous buildings that have had fires.

They won't be as frantic as they would be if it was St Paul's or Westminster Abbey, the fact is abroad means that they're relying on agencies, other broadcasters and reporters on phone lines for now. The assignments desk will be the busiest - deploying crews and trying to book facilities on the ground
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Sky had Dominic Waghorn at the scene and better camera shots than others when the spire fell - but As of about 20 mins ago have been using a very distant shot.

I thought they had a relationship with BFMTV through ENEX. Not sure why they haven’t been able to use that
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Windsor Castle must have been the last major UK fire of historical importance? But like Windsor, Notre-Dame will be rebuilt and renovated.

And York Minster before that. Hampton Court too. Glasgow School of Art... Twice!
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Chris Cuomo now taking over from Brianna Keilar over on CNN - hopefully the standard of coverage keeps up especially as Melissa Bell and Jim Bittermann who are both fantastic journalists are on the scene.