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Gary McEwan
Either RTL4 or RTL Z are now taking CNN coverage.

Who’s the BBC presenter ? She’s not listening to a word the on the on the spot reporter is saying. He witnessed the spire collapsing, and described it. 60 seconds later she tells him she’s heard the spire has collapsed.

Geeta Guru-Murthy of BBC World News, presenting on the domestic news channel this evening.

She’s taking about ‘heavy water’ having to be used !

Where’s Sean Ley when you need him !

It’s quite an unprecedented event. I guess the newsroom is completely frantic at the moment.
We're saved. Matthew Price and Katty Kay have taken over.

Seldom do I criticise Breaking News coverage on BBC News but Geeta Guru-Murthy's commentary in the past half hour has been some of the worst I've seen on the BBC, ever.

She got completely consumed by the coverage, saying the most ridiculous and stupid things, getting over excited, shouting, not listening to guests and seemingly sniggering at one stage.

Thank goodness Katty Kay and Matthew Price have taken over.
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Horrible news. One of the most famous buildings in the world likely to be beyond restoration at this rate.
The News channels will be busy for days with this (especially if the remainder has to be demolished as I fear it will have to be.
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So glad Katty and Matthew Price have taken over at 7pm. The standard has gone up dramatically.
I believe Christian Fraser is due up from Studio C at 1900hrs London time.

Or not - Matthew Price anchoring alongside Katty Kay.

Haven't seen much of the BBC coverage but Brianna Keilar doing a great job over on CNN who seem to have a lot of their regular Paris reporters on the scene. Melissa Bell is particularly good
Matthew Price also has significant experience of Paris. Will be useful.

As does David Eades.

Alas, I’m nowhere near Television tonight so relying on Twitter and www for updates.

Tragic, tragic news.
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Sky News's coverage appears to just be a distant roof cam of the fire.
I’m surprised the French broadcasters don’t have any remote PTZ cameras mounted on the Effiel Tower. Rather like the Millbank Tower camera the BBC have, you could at least get a quick overview shot
Sky is using the worst camera shots possible....
CNN are excelling this evening. First with the Breaking News, and coverage with Brianna Kiellar who is rolling from CNN Right Now into the next hour of Newsroom is just spot on.
Sky is using the worst camera shots possible....

That's Sky News for you...

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