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It's been four years since I last posted in here. I've since had another go at playing with After Effects to come up with a set of titles for the BBC News bulletins in a Reith-ian 2019 era.

The premise is a similar idea to 2015: a major rebrand still feels unlikely, so some slight tweaks would be a good way to freshen it all up.

Gone is the trundle cam and the long titles, taking us back to the length we saw around 1999. The headline sequence would also be shorter.

I've always been a fan of customised titles. The cats cradle no longer has place names - instead headlines from the stories you're likely to see in the bulletin. Similarly, some of the news stories that appear on the globe are from the BBC News website that day. I've taken these stories from the infamous BBC News at 10 break-down.

There are pulses on the globe which represent where the BBC has a bureau / correspondent - bar the UK (that could get quite messy). This would change as the make-up of the BBC changes. But it would be a theme that I would progress to the regional news titles. The eagle-eyed may notice some clocks that show 18:00:42 - this is supposed to be real-time (many do seem to have got lost in the render and on another go I might pop some more of these in).

Let me know your thoughts as it's certainly a work in progress.
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I like the idea of the headlines replacing place name and that idea of it always changing.

Some things to work on, though are the clock and the world pulses. For the clock, maybe add somewhere else, along with the flash at the start.
I can only just see the pulses on 720p, so maybe try and make them more visible (brighten them up, perhaps?)

Other than that, very good! Smile
It's not even realistic.
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A promising start, chris. Loving the idea of the headlines on the cats-cradle. I did notice the Newsround inspired shake on the beat... the subtle things within the shapes are really lovely, the clock!

Maybe a subtle gradient on the numbers so they don't all look flat?

Looking forward to see where this goes!
Oh it's such a perfect day, I'm glad I spent it with you...
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I think adding a "shake" is really "too much" for a bulletin as serious and respected as BBC's. The shortened music is an interesting idea, though.

As good as it looks you could never go with the shake as you’d have to edit it out every time there is a major earthquake.

They didn't edit out the "explosion" in the 2005 titles every time a bomb went off somewhere.