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Jay Lee571 posts since 7 Apr 2015
Congratulations to Dan Walker and everybody at Breakfast who worked to get Tony his fly-past. It was a truly heart warming moment.

It’s nice to see a morning news show going viral for all the right reasons, not just inane and banal debate. GMB could learn something.

I wouldn't be surprised if Good Morning Britain started running a "Britain's Hero of the Week" style feature on the back of BBC Breakfast's success with Tony Foulds and the fly-past.
Stuart7,233 posts since 13 Oct 2003
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BBC Breakfast on the NC now seems to be listed differently on the Sky EPG.
Seems odd they are only doing this at weekends (next Saturday/Sunday shows the same), even though weekends are the only time the programme on BBC One is identical. Surely it would be better to list the, this way during the week, when regional bulletins make the programme different to the one shown on BBC One.
Stuart7,233 posts since 13 Oct 2003
Westcountry Spotlight
Hello. Did the 2018 refresh ever get finished or was it just new titles in the end?

I don't think the sting can count as 'new titles', although Mr Mobbs did indicate that new titles are on the way, so I wonder whether that would be accompanied by a new set, or even change to a different studio at MediaCity?
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