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So when there was a cock up during an advert break, like the TVS ones above, or the Granada one, if anyone was to phone the region, for an explanation, would it have been the IBA or C4?

The IBA would have possibly logged the instance as an operational fault. There's an example of such a report in one of the IBA Tech Review publications from the 1970s, I don't know how long into the 80s they carried on with such logging though...

The only people who really would have cared would have been the advertisers !

C4 wouldn't have been that fussed, it wouldn't have directly affected their revenue, though they were rather narked that their signal had to pass through the ITV stations, but needs must etc
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When that ad break aired, it was during the initial period, when the Channel 4 airtime was sold by the regional ITV companies. Notice, one of the adverts was for new houses in the south of England, so this would've been played out by TVS in Southampton. Tony thought that the other adverts you saw, like the one for the houses, were being played out from cartridges, but the last one was clearly cinefilm. It appears that, what happened was the projector, or whatever device was used for transmitting cine, wouldn't start in time, and so the shambles you saw, with black screen, the purple, the black, the brief music, the yellow 4 logo, the black, and then the countdown, was the consequences of this.

I'm surprised they were using TK for ads on C4, I thought TVS had gone to 100% VT Cart playout for C4 ? (bluecortina will know) It's possible the lead in we saw had been dubbed to the cart, if you get my drift.

The yellow '4' on a blue background I saw a couple of times 82-93. TVS used it if the incoming feed from C4 in London was lost (usually because of a BT lines failure). Probably a black and white caption camera, fed through a 'Cox Box', (perhaps redeployed from Southern's caption system, that was 'coloursed b/w)

Yes, pretty sure it was 100% ACR at that stage. My likely guess would be a cart miscue on the final ad and hence the big gap. Looks like it was eventually cued and played from the original ‘start’ recording position rather than the second sequent ‘roll’ start cue* It wouldn’t have been played live into the break off telecine.

* ads were generally simply recorded individually onto a cart ‘wild’ and then subsequently cues laid down on the parallel cue track to indicate the ad’s actual start and end points. From memory these sorts of cart machines could lay down the cues automatically when making the original recording but it relied on the operator pressing the record button exactly on time. You’d never get it frame accurate which was what was needed hence the slight faffing around afterwards with the cues.
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At least the breakdown happened AFTER Sandy Lyle won. Harry Carpenter was sitting in London on backup just in case!

Well, funnily enough, there was an even bigger breakdown in the US Masters in 1982 when ITV had the rights and Steve Rider was presenting their coverage for the first time. He said in the TV Times a few weeks later that they were told the satellite would be going down in five minutes, and it did, before the final hole, and they never got it back. Rider was presenting from London and they had to just guess what might be happening.
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I bet they started it going when he said 'here's Wizadora' not realising that wasn't the end of his link.

Tried syncing it up in iMovie and it appears they started it as he said 'As if by magic…', so it would still have faded to the programme late even if the announcement ended after 'Here's Wizadora'.
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I'd be inclined to argue: presumably Central would have planned all the timings out in advance for the segments of the service (the programmes, trailers, adverts, idents and so on) and asked Meridian to play their programme out at a certain time down a feed to Birmingham and somebody presumably just misread that and hit play too soon that day.

After all the length of the programmes would have been known often at the point of commission and the only unknowns would have been the gaps between them and how long (within the limits) the ad breaks would have been so it would be surprising if Central went into the programme late.
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