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Happy 18th TV Forum

Mocky birthday (March 2019)

pip2 Meridian (South) South East Today
Happy Birthday TV Forum!

I've made mocks since my childhood, using cardboard and Letraset until computers became a thing and I was finally able to make mocks that moved. When I discovered TV Forum (it was early on, I used to be pip but something went awry and I had to rejoin as pip2) I was thrilled that there was a place like-minded enthusiasts could indulge their interest in TV presentation. Thanks everyone, especially Asa, the mods and the mockers.

Moving birthday cards follow shortly.

Sh1ruba Central (West) Midlands Today
These are really great, pip!
Keep up the good work because you are really talented at making these!
Identity Wales Wales Today
these just make me smile. please make more Smile
tesandco Founding member Granada North West Today
I very rarely pop my head into the Mocks Forum (not for any particular reason other than habit either), but just occasionally something attracts my attention enough and this is one of those such times. Excellent work, and a lovely touch for the day! Very Happy
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bkman1990 and Sh1ruba gave kudos
A former member
This is gobsmacking outstanding.
VMPhil Granada North West Today
"1,803 enthusiasts talking television 24 hours a day for 18 years" - sounds disturbing, would hate to visit that place Very Happy

These are brilliant!
Woodpecker Central (West) Midlands Today
Absolutely, unequivocally excellent work! I especially love the Sky News and Nine O'Clock News style 'moving birthday cards', as you put it. Actually, I'd be interested to know where the remixed Sky News theme came from.
watchingtv and Sh1ruba gave kudos
Brekkie Wales Wales Today
Brilliant. And love your recreation of the 9 o'clock News intro.
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8baan World News
Excellent as always
JamesWorldNews Central World News
Bloody hell!

These are awesome. Thanks Pip! I’m sure TVF is chuffed to bit with these.
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Asa Admin Meridian (South East) South East Today
Absolutely brilliant work pip2. Love all of them - the Sky News one really brings home just how many years it's actually been since the site started! Shocked
harshy, watchingtv and Bail gave kudos
London Lite Founding member London London

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