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JKDerry1,593 posts since 15 Oct 2016
UTV Newsline
Derry Girls advert has appeared on itv this evening. Big version of Channel 4 logo on top right.

Sort of like the old days of cross promo

Channel 4 advertising their shows on ITV - is this 1989 or 2019? That is a surprise. I thought the cross promotion ended in January 1993?
kernow1,257 posts since 18 Jan 2006
Erm… isn’t it just a TV channel advertising a programme as part of the main commercials, not a trail? That happens from time to time.

Yes, it's just an advert on another channel, where unlike a normal promo on their own channel, they aren't allowed to advertise the exact date and time.
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mr_vivian1,002 posts since 11 Oct 2015
UTV Newsline
I see Derry Girls break bumpers in the style of school photographs. I used to have those done at school with the weird looking blue background.

Really proud of that show coming from NI.
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It is one of the better drama in production. how many BB are they?
Comedy drama? I've not stop laughing.