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Generally it looks quite nice, the logo's a big improvement and the new version of the theme tune sounds a bit better.

Only fairly obvious problem is that the graphics are really quite high up the screen.

The News Channel has been having problems with the ticker not working, it was removed after a while and it also went to the clean feed for a bit.
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Well, lovely little remix to the music, and a really polished opening title sequence.

But those lower thirds... ouch! Text being squashed, the dog being white, purple, and teal and appearing and disappearing every few seconds, an awful 'get in touch' strap which strangely is sitting above the BBC News Channel ticker and dog. Just a mess.

I was really hoping we'd see something like The Nine on BBC Scotland - but this looks really very old-fashioned. I hope we're not going to see anything like this when the Channel rebrands.
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Well they’re ok, but not amazing.

- why are they so high up the screen?
- during the opening sequence the white strap didn’t resize so the text was squashed, not sure if this was a fault or it’s supposed to be like this
- like how it resizes other than the above
- would like the white speech bubbles on the contact details to be vertically centred instead of top aligned
- the LIVE graphic is nice and looks like it’d fit with regular BBC News if it was red, so perhaps indicative of what their graphics will look like, and I’m seeing a black translucent background underlined in colour!
- like the range of colours the logo can be
- why are they so high up the screen?
- why are they so high up the screen?
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Are the graphics supposed to be so high up and animating here, there and everywhere?

I was about to say. The DOG has moved up, moved down, faded in, faded out and wiped in. And that's just 10 minutes in.

The graphics don't transition between each other very well and it's certainly not subtle.

Also, does an interview normally start with half the guests missing saying "we'll speak to other people when they arrive". If the guests are late surely they should re-jig the running order.
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The logo and on-screen graphics look awful in my opinion, especially on the news channel. The logo itself looks very dated. The brighter colours in the studio help to break up the relentless misery a little and the titles are an improvement, but the rest is really rather poor. I don’t think the overall look is an improvement at all.
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Ok a couple of points from me:
* As some others have said, why are they so high!
* Why are they squashing the headlines into the box? Extend the box don't squash the text, like what they're doing on the News Summary.
* I'd much prefer the live graphic shifted further to the left, so the purple box is aligned completely with the 'V' box below.
* Don't like the way during the New Summary, the graphics seemingly expand upwards causing that white gap under the logo.
* Also the logo fading in and out.

I'm a but behind so that's all so far.
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Well they’re ok, but not amazing
- why are they so high up the screen?
- why are they so high up the screen?

My guess is that the graphics are in the correct position for when the NC rebrand eventually happens. I don’t see why they couldn’t just create another Viz template for the time being so that it would fit in with the current NC ticker.

Also, it’s proven that the graphics can be repositioned between different outputs, Eg. Newsnight astons on the NC replay used to be slightly lower than those on BBC2, so why can’t VD’s graphics on BBC2 be lower to ignore whatever eventual ticker / flipper will be in place on the NC???

Overall, I like the rebrand. It feels refreshed but I think there is still a but to do to iron out the creases. I’d say it’s about 80% there.
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