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DavidWhitfield766 posts since 16 Oct 2013
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The 'art' itself is perfectly fine, however, like the other 'idents' before it, it is again entirely based on the blue, black, green, pink, and yellow version of the logo which has now been updated. I continue to be aghast at how inconsistent ITV have been since the turn of the year. Disappointing, as far as I'm concerned.
Guess who's big in the back time.
_Tom_ (previously T0M) 516 posts since 25 May 2015
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It would surely look it’s best close up and panning to feel like a screen so why is the default a camera panning around a dark room? It’s so stale. It’s really annoying actually how they’ve got some artist pieces that they could squeeze potential out of and they seemingly do the bare minimum with them. I know there’s only been one ident but looking back at the other weeks it’s clear to see there won’t be anything special. Disappointing.
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Ros_Atkins3226 posts since 18 Feb 2019
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Is it just me or does the tone of the announcer look so different in the 1st showing of the ident?

The voice seems like something I have never heard before in an ITV ident.

This is Outside Source live from the BBC Newsroom.
Sh1ruba460 posts since 13 Jan 2019
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Its Andrew Hayden-Smith. He most notably works on ITV2 but has had shifts on ITV recently.

He's probably the most famous continuity announcer, as he was an actor before he became a CA.

His tone of voice on ITV sounds a lot different from how he does it on ITV2

Nice contrast though.
Also didn't ITV say that despite the logo being revamped on their channel, the 2013 version will still be their corporate logo
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Aaron_20151,124 posts since 11 Mar 2015
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Yes, the old logo is still in use. It doesn't matter which version of the logo they use , the 2013 logo is the most memorable.

Of course it matters which version of the logo they use, it’s fundamental to any brand refresh that the new look is unified. The new logo appears on social media, promos, the ITV Hub and on the new magazine. From what we can gather, the main logo for ITV is now the blue/black/grey ‘3D effect’ logo. This, therefore, should be used across the ITV channel and it’s surrounding branding. Using the 2013 logo undermines the refresh and confuses the brand.
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