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Then there is a major flaw in this set up.
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The 1900 timing is key.

Does that mean they're not allowed to opt out before 7pm.

They opt out for Politics Scotland, so can't see why they wouldn't be allowed to opt out at 6:30pm.

Or is they that can opt out, but have to have a junction at 7pm? They should be allowed some flexibility for things like this.
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I wonder if this is causing any issues with iPlayer, if the same programme is going out but different lengths - we've seen it before when a nation has opted out of live sport at some point and the shortened version is the one that's ended up on iPlayer because it thinks the programme has ended before it really has.

The best solution would be to ditch the BBC Two simulcast entirely.
Watch it and find out.
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The BBC Scotland iPlayer content is completely separate from other channels. There’s no issue there. As for the 1900 break I can understand the rationale and the regulatory framework and the heavily restricted coverage outside of the authorised 1900 - 0000 window. Mid programme pre 1900 Junctions need improvement that’s all.
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Wouldn't a repeat at 1830 last night of a 30 minute programme have been the best option - either something from the first five days of the channel or from the BBC1/BBC2 Scotland archives? Or even a BBC2 network programme if the BBC don't want viewers to expect non-sport/politics Scottish programming at that time?

I can understand the rationale for focusing on peak hours, and for using BBC2 as a sustaining service in the afternoon when there is no politics or Scotland-only sport, but such a rigid application of this policy just leads to messy situations. Even if an appropriate opt-out point had been provided, it's still not ideal to be leaving a programme part way through, especially when that programme could have still been viewed on BBC2.
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Anyone else enjoying announcer George on the new BBC Scotland channel?

Great to have a bit of personality. Will be tuning in for more.
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One week tonight since launch - time is flying!!
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How has it rated throughout the week.

Looking passively at the scheduling they seem to be putting as much new content out after 10pm than before 9pm, which perhaps makes sense when considering how uncompetitive it is in comparison to early peak.
It's great that everybody gets sarcasm.