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Quatorzine Neko (previously Le Neko) 285 posts since 29 Aug 2016
The titles of The Nine vaguely remind me of those used by French-German channel ARTE from 2002 to 2004, in the sense that it is mostly made of a succession of faces (although the execution of this idea is very different, as much as ARTE is different from the BBC Scotland Channel).

At 0:33 in the following compilation.

This is the neeeewwwws!!
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The title sequence is by far the weakest part. Even if they had used a 1 second video clip of the faces (smiling, laughing, talking), rather than static photos, I feel that would have made it look a bit less slideshow-y, looks quite amateur when compared to the rest of the graphics which look pretty nice. Even the concept as a whole has been done before and in more interesting ways.

But maybe I'm biased because I'm not a fan of the whole "it's all about YOU" thing that everyone seems to do these days. I find it patronising and I don't know why lol. Same with the Oneness idents.

Also, I like the set, but when I saw it I instantly thought Channel 4 News. Probably because of the abundance of purple and the atrium in the background.
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Now that I've seen the bulletin on iPlayer, the set at least could be a template for how BBC regional news could be across the country instead of the mix of desks and sofas. It makes Reporting Scotland look pedestrian in comparison.

The weather forecast was a lot better as well using augmented reality instead of a large screen on RS.

This is the format BBC London News should try, which is more in the spirit of the noughties era of the bulletin than the overly traditional look they use now.

The sofa area may be better for Sunday Politics Scotland to use instead of the relit Reporting Scotland studio.
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I was very impressed with the programme. The analysis and special reports offered something different to the other bulletins yesterday.

The set has been wonderfully created to allow for a flowing use of the full space and also to segregate the two areas well.

The informal style works well in my eyes and like Brekkie alluded to it reminds me of 1997 channel 5 news, maybe with the informal style of Mk I RI:SE.

If the main BBC News graphics are heading in this direction I will be very impressed; the graphics were neat, compact and on screen for the perfect amount of time.

Whilst I’m also unsure of the titles, the music is a strong component to the programme, differentiating it from BBC News and taking an alternative route rather than a David Lowe inspired piece.
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That space has been used many many times for stuff. Including network ref programme, debates. Interviews etc
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Like the look of the Nine a lot. Has a more European feel than the UK bulletins - with the clock counting down to 9pm, the pacier/less formal music, standing up presentation and the type of graphics used and the minimalist, stylish set which makes use of their background.

I did worry that the location and backdrop might make the set look a bit bare/empty which is what the original Sky News glass box look was criticised for but then the dark lighting compensates for this. In fact while I find the Sky News look acceptable enough I can't help feeling this is the sort of thing Sky should aimed for. I don't mind Sky using the big screen a fair bit but they don't make anywhere near enough use of the atrium backdrop.
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