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Good question - could have been a wise move to have the channel based in Edinburgh to shift the emphasis Salford style, though of course that brings in even more costs.

That next slide is hideous - do they think the Scots are missing the BBC2's garish colour scheme?
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I preferred the internet when it had a sense of humour.
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I know this is a bit off topic, but did I just see TVNZ's Hillary Barry on 'The People's News'?

Yes, you did. I have to say, from what little I've seen, this People's News seems to be a load of rubbish. Just what is the point of watching a bunch of randoms talk about the news? It's bad enough reading Twitter or Reddit, let alone having to see it on TV too.
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Think the idents are really dull and old fashioned - did they not get the flat memo? Nothing is 3D anymore! All the logo does is change colour and stay perfectly still. Boring!

The next slides are great though. Vibrant and the logo is flat and clean.
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