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Livestream from the newsroom. Split from Sky News thread (January 2019)

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You're not seeing them in shot, but there is floor to ceiling height imagery of past significant news events around the office - most are in between the windows. The wider campus as a whole (even the building they're in) has imagery, art, quotes etc all over the place. Many of the meeting rooms are themed up (the Ocean one has been seen a lot today, but there are Game of Thrones, Riviera, Fortitude etc themed ones).

Definitely not a drab place to work.

Here we go again...
Its fine, we all see that its basically a sterile white box and some screens scattered around at different heights and angles. Its ok. Looks like a definite step down from the previous location. And just because its not a studio doesn't mean it doesnt have be a visually pleasant and a space to get inspired or feel pride in your work environment. Work environment fuels creativity as well. So the lack of a studio space is irrelevant.

It's not Sky News' job to impress you by making the newsroom look sexy. It serves its purpose and would be a waste of money as it's almost never seen on-air.

Would be a big step forward though to develop the newsroom into a working broadcast area. (Not the main studio, but used for live links to reporters, etc). VTM in Belgium has developed something similar. It works really well. Granted, it's a different format. (The 'Liveset' is used for breaking updates on VTM's main channel.

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Loving this coverage. It's like a reminder of what Sky News used to be and still is, only we don't get to see it or feel it on screen anymore.
It certainly puts one thing into perspective - with the sheer number of people and technology involved in running a news channel, its no wonder that they make significant losses!!

None of those hundreds of people in the newsroom are on minimum wage either i'd wager!!
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Good to see the Sky News Radio/IRN bulletin go out on Raw at 4pm.
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A rather unceremonial end just now with the signal being cut dead on 5pm.
Its a shame it finished at 5pm, would have liked to see the News Hour going out behind the scenes!
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A rather unceremonial end just now with the signal being cut dead on 5pm.

It carried on YouTube for another minute with the TOTH running order.
Such a shame it finished so abruptly, the last 10 minutes have been fascinating, transition from one shift to another, both in gallery and in the studio.
The SkyNews Raw was a pretty good watch. Fascinating to see how they work together to put on a journalisticly solid product though devoid of anything interesting in presentation sense. (This is a presentation forum after all, we all know the journalism is a separate topic) It was like BigBrother SkyNews. Nice that all the people that have been with the channel for many years were able to get some acknowledgement on camera. Even though they probably didnt want to. It was nice to watch/monitor. And I agreee its sad the energy that the channel had in its early and that probably happens behind the scenes has been completely drained off on screen. Sad really. Hopefully in the future they will bring some "SkyNews" flair back to channel. It has such a strong legacy thats been completely disrupted as of late.
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Catching up with this now, hope sky keeps it up as it's a nice "day in the life" record you don't see much of. Only watched first bit or so, but it has the more personal vibe that sky news has missed in recent years. Outside the odd occasions like the snowfall last year, a lot of the replacement staff feel more distant than the old sky news team. Really like the graphics set for this too - hope some of this is testing some new ideas because I dig it.

That said the behind the scenes probably hasn't been as juicy as this one BBC news report from the 1980's with gallery talkback on top

It's just not the same if someone isn't yelling "ANIMATE QUANTEL" every 5 seconds : p
How can I watch it back, since I had to, you know, work.

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