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Video from Ben Bland behind the desk in Studio C at the moment the deal was voted down

Was Ben Bland just on standby just in case their lost their link?
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Meridian (North) South Today

(*) A catchall for commercial broadcasting. This is now an anachronism in that I'm not aware of any Independent Radio EBU involvement, although in the IBA and Radio Authority days there was some.

Probably because Sky provide news to virtually the whole of commercial radio these days via IRN. Sky have never been a member of the EBU (there's no way Rupe would sign up for the establishment), in fact they are signed up to Eurovisions main rival, European News Exchange (ENEX)

It was simple in the ITA/IBA era, because (up until 1991 ish) the IBA was the legal entity broadcaster, so the IBA was a fully paid up member of the EBU. The ITV and ILR companies were merely programme contractors to the IBA, C4 was a subsidiary company of the IBA, and ITN were wholly owned by the ITV companies. So all TV and Radio stations in the UK had EBU membership through either the BBC (obviously) or the IBA.
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Only up to the 1980s. You're forgetting about Sky. Sky News launched in 1989 and Sky Channel, which became Sky One soon after that, had existed since 1984.

Sure, but did Sky have a news operation pre 1989?
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The BBC News Channel will be taking the Evening edition of Politics Live tonight!

BBC do actually want people to watch this, right?! Sounds the sort of line-up of guests you’d run a mile from and manages to find a way to annoy everyone

It does seem like a gathering of all the shouty elements. Problem is no MP's can make an appearance until after voting is finished.
I wish the TV companies would give up with all the vox pops. Due to the fact that they have to stay impartial you just get a nice set of every opinion, whether that is in the Durham ex Miners working Mens club, Bristol students union, or the Tuesday lunchtime over 60s keep fit class in Brighton, therefore they tell you nothing.

Also how come market stall holders seem to be asked their opinion more than anyone else!

Agree. I always skip through them on the news if possible.
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ITV News' online-only special yesterday had 230,000 views in total.

I thought it was very well produced considering it was an online exclusive and therefore must have had minimal budget.
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