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Central (West) Midlands Today
That wrinkled blue curtain is an incredibly bizarre choice, as Whataday eludes to it does scream 1980s entertainment.

The rest of the set is an improvement on the last, but I also feel that this is a step backwards. The 2014 rebrand imo pushed the show in the right direction with there vibrant logo, the change of set, the bright graphics, raised desk, large screen and change of music. It’s like they trying to encapsulate parts of that set with parts of the 2012/13 look.
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Anglia (West) Look East
DVO, Anne Diamond, Chizzy, Pricey, Kelly Brook all seem to have gone. Now Denise Welch and McGiff are Back, the pool is quite large again.

I would like to see Chizzy, DVO and Anna Richardson full time.
Ayda hasn't been on since the spring (other than a pre-recorded interview about X-Factor).
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HTV Wales Wales Today
DVO can't commit full time due to her judging role on Ireland's Got Talent. Anna Richardson comes across very well as does Anne Diamond. Katie Price is currently in car crash mode but will surely recover and return to tell us all about it.

I find Coleen dreadful on the programme. She doesn't really have much of a worldly outlook on life, by her own admission. I understand they're not looking for everyone to be trained journalists but she doesn't really bring much to the show, and I think the show was a lot better during her recent absence. Her one joke about her overeating/laziness wore thin a long time ago.
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Meridian (South) South Today
Maybe Gloria couldn't manage the stairs?

They explained on air that Gloria's sciatica has flared up.

There was another whinge about the stairs too so I expect we'll see an alternative entrance before long. They remind me of the Knowing Me Knowing You With Alan Partridge stairs which were deliberately designed (by Dennis DeGroot) to look uncomfortable to walk down.

And you were bang on the money with that prediction of seeing an alternative entrance there.

Ruth, Coleen, Stacey and Nadia all came out through an entrance next to the stairs.
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