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Sony bought CSC primarily for the True Movies/Entertainment channels, which were considered to be complimentary to Sony TV/Sony Movies. They weren't interested in the kids and music channels at first, but since then the kids channels have been developed in to a very successful business.
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Not much of a surprise really, when you consider the number of CSC music channels which have closed in recent years.

We are looking forward to bringing the Trace brand, touch and expertise to these 4 UK music channels as well as synergies with the rest of the Trace ecosystem.

I wonder if this will result in the remaining CSC music brands disappearing at some point?

It would be a shame if the Chart Show brand disappears, as it's been around for over 30 years, and still uses the famous headphones branding.
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So quite a few areas now losing at least one of the HD muxes, including BBC Four HD.


Freeview really should have handled this much better and not just hoped the limit on these channels would be extended. France were brutal with their DTT transition, effectively closing the SD platform and launching a HD platform and ideally that is what needs to happen here - essentially giving notice to the SD muxes a few years back and giving channels time to get on the T2 muxes, whether in HD or SD, and then as switch off approached closing the old MP2 muxes rather than the new ones.
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