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(January 2019)

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1977 is when emmerdale went to 7pm slot....

Thames and tsw kept the series at 17.15 until 1985.
I've just been reminded about Kim Tate- came back to Emmerdale in a blaze of publicity last year... then went back to prison after a few episodes. What a "comeback" that was.

Bit like Kathy in EastEnders. They got the live reveal out of it but then haven't known what to do with her since.
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It will be nice to see Emmerdale pre the proliferation of Dingles.
1977 is when emmerdale went to 7pm slot....

Thames and tsw kept the series at 17.15 until 1985.

That makes sense. This is why I find it odd the programme is described as being a “sleepy daytime serial” until the plane crash. It had 15 years in a prime time slot (in most regions) prior to that storyline coming along, and I can’t see it surviving that long if it was as bland as some would suggest. EastEnders was moved from 7pm in late 1985 as it was losing viewers to Emmerdale Farm!

It’s true, though, that the sensational plane crash storyline in December 1993 led to a huge increase in viewers, most of whom stuck around.
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I did see the plane crash episode a couple of years back at a BFI Mediatheque (can't remember if it was the one in Bradford or on the South Bank now, I've been to both). Interestingly, the advert break isn't until about 20 minutes into the episode, and part 2 is only about 5 minutes long.
Yes, I remember it having an exceptionally long first part.
Emmerdale was already a non daytime soap by 1977... in 1988 it was moved to 18.30 however moved back to 19pm in early 1990. The plane crash only happened ( which is an utter disgrace at the time) because the wolfs were after it... STV still hated it and kept it at 17.10 where is belonged...

What time did Home and Away start on STV? I grew up when Emmerdale had established itself as ITV's second soap, but the regions weren't exactly in unison when it came to H&A, or Aussie soaps for that matter. Some stuck it pre-CITV, others post and I'm sure even after the early evening news.

Blimey I've noticed I'm one post away from 300. And it's only been 13 or so years... Laughing
Same episode across the network but different TX times. The lunchtime showing was normally more or less networked. Each station then taped the lunchtime showing from Thames, later LNN, and played that tape back out for the repeat.

TSW had 3:25pm for a while.
Central was 6pm.
Border was 6:30pm.
Yorkshire was 5:10pm.

Others moved it about a bit but either 5:10pm or 6pm were the usual slots.

It's worth noting that Home and Away got 14m+ viewers around 1993/94, with Corrie at the time normally getting around 17m.

It wasn't that high when everyone went to 5pm in March 1999 but the BARB figures certainly show losing the 6/6:30 regions hurt it.

It's also worth noting that in Australia not every state is always in sync, but this is only by the odd episode due to AFL coverage. In the early days states could be several weeks out with one another.
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Steve Williams
Si-Co posted:
It’s true, though, that the sensational plane crash storyline in December 1993 led to a huge increase in viewers, most of whom stuck around.

Yes, although that was the conclusion of quite a long period of sexing it up a bit, I remember in early 1992 they did a big advertising campaign that involved adverts in things like Smash Hits.

Others moved it about a bit but either 5:10pm or 6pm were the usual slots.

Yes, and in the mid-nineties when it was in its pomp, Carlton, Granada and Central, the three biggest regions, were all showing it at 6pm (as were STV and HTV), and the biggest region showing it at 5.10 was Yorkshire, as did everyone else apart from Border who showed it at 6.30. But by the time it was networked in 1999, only Central and HTV were showing it at six.
I know I'm going to get shot for my rambling and meandering off-topic but here goes any way...
I've always been puzzled by the way ITV treated its hugely popular shows such as Crossroads, Blockbusters and Emmerdale Farm. All three weren't properly networked.
Blockbusters was shunted all over the place, which got worse when Carlton and Westcountry came into being in '93.
Crossroads was axed due to appalling producers and their decisions (although I'm surprised it lasted so long after 1985).
Granada seemed to be the powerful company on Channel 3 by getting Coronation Street networked from an early starting point.
Personally, I think ITV is too reliant on its two continuing serials and both are struggling to come up with a neat drama rather than sensationalised storylines about serial killers, people changing personalities, etc. etc. to the point it's predictable and cliched. Why not reduce the number to 4 episodes for each so that Friday or Monday can be used to introduce another drama or for other purposes and to enable scriptwriters to develop better plotlines - and to thin out the deadwood from the cast.
I wonder if Take the High Road would have survived if the network had got its act together and stopped its petty internal politics?
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It was mainly because back in the day ITV was truly local, and each area decide what's best for its area. Hence why STV, Grampian, Anglia had Emmerdale farm at 17.15 thus freeing up slots for more local programmes in peak times. There also stinged out Blockbusters over a longer period. TSW did the same, running it nearly all year round so more local programmes appeared in peak times. Granada liked Blockbusters keeping it in its 17.10 until it was finished around xmas 93/jan 94

Alas when H&W come along, there was only two slots left 6pm and 6.30 and one of them had to go to the local news.

Carlton and Westcountry are not only offenders, UTV, STV, HTV, Grampian all placed blockbuster in daytime slots because of the backlogs created. Heck Grampian had to broadcast every single weekday of 1993 to burn off the series. There was fallacious claims "most companies placed hour long regional news at 6pm" as reason for blockbusters disappearing but that is wrong as only two ITV station did this, and by 1994 it was just Westcountry.

With London, it couldn't make up its mind with H&W all of 1993 and parts of 1994 it was 17.10, then it went back 6pm, then it went back to 17.10 by late 96?

What about others at 17.10? Central had Shortland street , HTV had Country practice while Grampian had more ozzy soaps with the likes of Paradise Beach or Echo Point Mon - wed and Local shows Thurs/fri.

With TTHR, many people has started it would have never lasted in the new world order of sexed up soaps, I do think a it could have gotten somewhere as a 8pm Sunday soap drama? It was Network centre that killed it off, but what other high profile shows did it actually kill off?
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It was speculated that Central didn't want Crossroads after 1982 and tried to get rid of it several times typically by changing the format, the characters and whatever else. After getting rid of Noele Gordon from the show in 1982 she was tooted to return in 1985 but sadly died before she could do so. Whether she'd have returned to any great degree is debatable as apparently TV-am were keen for her to appear more on their output as well.

As to the networking arrangements there was a form of networking to some degree for peaktime after 7pm so most areas showed the same thing save for some local inserts and programmes but beyond that it was primarily up to the ITV companies what to do with the other 18hrs a day.

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