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Nothing formally confirmed on that thread from what I can see, just speculation.

That said, I agree with you- BBC One will almost certainly have made something new for Christmas.

I think considering last year's was very distinctive and the promo was seen as something of an 'event', it'd be like John Lewis re-running a previous Christmas advert if they used it again.

The kiddy snowflakes and the giant snowball which were repeated, were an extension of the channel's existing branding, so to an extent, they got away with it. If last year's idents were Oneness themed 'Ice-skaters, Solihull' or 'Panto actors, Saffron Walden' looking gormlessly at a wobbly camera , they could probably wheel them out again, rather like ITV do with theirs.

BIB- we were all expecting something along those lines last Christmas and were pleasantly surprised when we got The Supporting Act ones instead. I've a horrible feeling that this year's efforts may be more in keeping with the normal ones. I really do hope I get proved wrong!

Yes, let’s hope we don’t get Scroogeness.
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The balloon definitely needs to come back. It’s iconic! If it wasn’t for that Lorraine (Hennessy Whiskey), we’d have a better logo. It was so distracting looking at old VHS archives.

The balloon was a great ident- for its time. Yes, it could have been kept on screen another year or two, and yes it was significantly better than Oneness.

But the balloon won't come back. And nor should it come back. Resurrecting old idents for a short time (eg channel anniversaries, retro programme strands) is all well and good, but they quickly become stale- just look at what happened with BBC Two, recently re-showing their old 90s idents for the best part of four years.

BBC One can certainly do better than Oneness. But reviving an old ident is not the answer.
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The balloon has been preserved since it last flew in the summer of 2002, hasn't it?

I'm sure I'm not the only one who has created a few balloon idents in his/her head, even if they'll never become reality. I've imagined the balloon flying over Kew Gardens, with its Palm House and pagoda - and I've even imagined an ident featuring the balloon and the cloud hopper from this Land Rover ad (though, obviously, not filmed in Vancouver and the Canadian Rockies like the ad - I've imagined the Lake District).

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I'm sure I'm not the only one who has created a few balloon idents in his/her head, even if they'll never become reality.

Seems as good a time and place as any to post this:

It's annoying that HD only seems to kick in just as it finishes. Oh well.

Edit: seems that if you click the gear icon and manually select 1080p it will play the whole thing in HD.
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When do we expect to see the bumper 2mins long 2019 Promo to air on BBC ONE?
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