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He usually has Christmas off, or should I say we usually have the Christmas off from him Wink
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I know nothing about dog breeds, but I'm guessing that the dog in the titles might be a Yorkshire Terrier for obvious reasons?
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Sounds like they were either back on air at 2.30 from Hull or got their football OB to air via a different route - which should be easy these days with ViLoR

Probably fairly easy in the old days too, each station has another station to decamp to in an emergency, just a case of getting the ISDN for the OB to dial into that one instead
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I'm not sure how split sport works, I think sometimes they do one via a studio and then they put the opt out to air directly. Certainly theres been cases where coverage has finished or dropped off air and there's been silence as there's no studio to pick up from it
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I think it can be done either way. I've certainly heard of it being done in MK3 days where the presenter throws to the opt out commentator, who does a 30 second preview of the match on all frequencies during which a BA plugs the ISDN direct to the AM feed, the commentator leaves a pause for FM to leave and continues on AM only.

Nowadays there is often split build up involving packages/interview clips being played in, so it's more likely to require a studio per output. In the old days, a studio was probably required to clip up the goal highlights anyway.

If nothing else keeping it separate makes the clean feeds easier!
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