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Yeah, I think that's why I was so cheesed off when it was replaced in January 2004 with "The World". That fantastic original music lasted less than 2 years on air. There was also a gorgeous closing version which I can't seem to find an example of on YouTube.

Incidentally, I felt the same way again with ITV News in 2009. They'd gone to all the trouble of relaunching News at Ten in January 2008 with one of the best theme tunes they'd had since the 1990s - not to mention the marvellous opening titles - only for them to replace it less than 2 years later.

I wonder why broadcasters do that? They absolutely nail the branding, then dump it quickly. Yet the inferior branding that replaces it lasts for years and years! One of life's mysteries!

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Thanks Bail - that is nice enough, but my favourite was this original closing music:


I haven't posted here in about 20 years. But BBC Four News titles? Now you're talking. Here's a fuller version of this I think - https://www.dropbox.com/s/hgx7rmdirme5oyq/BBC%20Four%20News%20Closing%20full%202003.mp3?dl=0

And while I'm here - one of the best intros ever was the 1 year anniversary of 9/11 and how they used the four notes from the BBC Four News intro and it merged into the BBC World News sombre theme. I wish I had a video of the whole opening. But here's what I have - https://www.dropbox.com/s/qlz5x81rjvmklkt/11092002%20BBC%20Four%20News%20Special.mp3?dl=0
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Claire Foy is hosting Saturday Night Live and they were doing a Morning Joe sketch and she played Katty Kay. Nothing notable but they just did the parody of Joe cutting her off as she was giving a scoop which was immediately cut off by Joe.

Edit : Here’s the sketch. Not sure if it’s geoblocked.

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I'm sure she's filled in before. Only other fill in from London has been Clive Myrie to my knowledge, not sure if anyone else has done it. Fill ins for Katty in Washington have been Jane O'Brien and Jon Sopel.

Also Matthew Price and Celia Hatton in London and Michelle Fleury in Washington from memory. May have been others, possibly Tim Willcox.