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lets see what S4C has to offer first Wink
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The film has a lovely story, shot incredibly well with the great effect of the world standing still was the mother and son reconnect. The sentimental angle has been used to great effect and it works very well as a short film...

However the idents have been neglected as an after thought. I suppose the hope these days is that the film becomes a viral hit so that the small connection to it that is featured in the idents will be enough to connect the main brand before the programmes to the film.
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Central (West) Midlands Today
lets see what S4C has to offer first Wink

Are you completely ignoring what I said?
Write your sentences normally. You type like you're texting someone, like I dunno, your girlfriend which you probably don't have.
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The movie has a good story and I feel it is nice that BBC one has gone with this John Lewis technique again after last year's brilliance however I may say that last year wins but I need to give this year's more time.

However, I actually like the ident for some reason. Compared to the film, it is very christmassy and calm, and it shows a good view of Cromer pier, which looks really nice. The main reason I like it was that it reminds me of the BBC Balloon idents from the 1990s as it features the parts of the Country.
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