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The 6:55pm hand back to the regions to network for a summary is back for one night only tonight according to Fiona. Is this the first time they’ve done it since it was scrapped?

I assume - as with the Six only being on BBC One - that this is due to the potentially fast moving news in Westminster this evening. It is a bit like being back in 1999 though. When did News 24 start simulcasting the BBC One bulletins?

Early 2006. The short summary after the 6 was dropped when the 8pm bulletin launched in late 2007. There also used to be an update after the 10, I believe this was dropped when they started sharing the same studio as News 24 in early 2008.
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Anglia (East) Look East
Yes, the BBC cut to a slightly different angle once Theresa May had appeared, compared to the front-on shot of the front of No. 10 they'd been showing previously - there was also a jump when the shot changed, suggesting that the (pool?) feed used wasn't synced up properly?
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